what is
hospo x?

The HospoX podcast brings you the untold stories of the hospitality industry; the good, the
bad & the ugly.

Featuring real-life stories straight from the hospo trenches, the HospoX podcast team pull back the curtain to expose all that we love and loath about this crazy industry – often with hilarious results!

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the team

Sal “Big Fudge” Bellomo

HospoX podcast anchor Sal is a 20yr veteran of the hospo industry. Known for his energy, hard work and outlandish opinions, Sal is a force of nature who relishes dishing it out to his co-hosts and guests. One day we’ll all learn the story of how he became known as ‘Big Fudge’…

Tara “The Princess” Scully

Co-host Tara brings well-needed feminine energy to the podcast room. With 10 years of experience in hospitality and 5 years in management under her belt, Tara not only holds her own but serves it straight back to Sal with gusto!

Bobby “Sarge” Stefanovski

In his former life, co-host Bobby was a Senior Licensing Sargeant in the NSW Police Force for 25 years. Now working as a liquor licensing consultant, Bobby shares stories from the other side of the thin blue line and give us the ‘Sarge’ perspective Hospo today.

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