The HospoX podcast brings you the untold stories of the hospitality industry; the good, the bad & the ugly.

Featuring real-life stories straight from the hospo trenches, the HospoX podcast team pull back the curtain to expose all that we love and loath about this crazy industry – often with hilarious results!

Until now, these stories have typically only been shared amongst small groups of Hospo professionals at staffies after work or perhaps on some random Reddit threads - but the HospoX podcast is blowing that all open.

Episode topics push the boundaries of ‘respectable’ conversation and include “Killer Karen’s”, “The Worst Food failures” “New Starter Stuff-Ups” and “Strangest/ Weirdest Staff Interviews”, breaking down the barrier between what customers see – and what actually happens on shift!

Whether you are a former or current hospo warrior, or just love hanging out in bars and venues, there is bound to be a story you can relate to.

Listeners are also encouraged to submit their own crazy Hospo stories in our ‘Your True Hospo Story’ segment with the best story winning HospoX merch each episode. You can submit your story by clicking here.

Join host Sal ‘The Big Fudge’ Bellomo with co-hosts Bobby ‘The Sarge’ Stefanovski and Tara ‘The Princess’ Scully, along with specials guests for a rollicking ride across the hospo landscape.

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